Last News is happy to be online once again after a lengthy period of having our web site unavailable to our audience.

ללא שם

  The site was active between the years 1997-2008, and have been hacked several times, then deleted, and most of the material  from the backup files were lost. It was a very hard job to reconstruct the original contents and due to my own situation it was postponed time and time again. 

  During this period of seven years, some other nice web sites have been publicized dedicated to the issue of the Samaritan community. The whole web with computers technology and social networks have made a huge revolution to material. That is why this site has been adapted to support the new Smartphone and tablets.

  So we are here again, with a new design, new sections and especially with a lot of good will to be helpful again to all those scholars and people interested in our unique community. We hope you will appreciate and come back to visit again.

Best Regards,

Osher Sassoni