ATEF NAGI- Samaritan Priest


[Beginning of page 1] Religion of the Sect: The religion of the Samaritans is original, and Adam grew up following this religion, and he was ordered that it should be kept with its language, and he dictated it to Noah who kept it in memory, and he added to it biddings and forbiddings which he was inspired by the God’s angels, as also God’s friend, Abraham, peace be upon him, who was the first preacher of the oneness of God in the whole world, and the first person who was ordered to execute the operation made to genital organs for hypurposes (Khitaneh). This religion was transmitted from one prophet to another until it reached the apostle our lord Musas son of Imram, peace be upon him, He kept in memory all the religious ceremonies conveyed to him from his ancestors, and all the religious ceremonies inspired to him. He brought forward the Holy Book and all its Chaptera; namely the Origin of (page 2) Creation, (Genesus), Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy. On these chapers the Samaritans depend without any increase or decrease from the original copy of the Holy Book found in their possession, and it is the oldest hand written pamphlet found in the whole world. It is written on skin by the great priest Ebisha’ son of Phinhas son of Eliazar son of Aaron our lord Moses’ brother. This copy is three thousand and six hundred years old (3600 yrs). Samaritans now carry out all its orders and decreed and verses as far as possible. The faith of the Samaritans is built on five foundations;
a) Belief in the oneness of God.
b) Belief in the Measage of our lord Moses, peace he upon him.
c) Belief in the Old Testament (Pentateuch) as a book sent by God and the execution of all its decrees. (page 3)
d) Belief in Gerizim mount as being the pilgrimage place of God, and the world direction to which the people should direct their faces, and that it is specialized for effering offerings and the carrying out of all religious ceremonies.
c) Belief in the day of Resurrection, the Day of Judgement, in which every human
soul is tried according to its deeds of good and evil. From these foundations
issues meanings which cannot be mentioned in detail, not with standing that
which the Bible bids and forbids of purifications, foods and marriage.
The Samaritan Sect sticks to its strong religion, and the passing of many generations did not have any effect on it, under all circumstances, inspite of the fact that it is now standing without financial resources, without friends and without influence.

Its History: The Samaritans keep history of their sect since the Origin of Creation, (page 4) depending in its composition on statements from the Holy Bible until their entrance to the Holy land. Their history since their entrance to the Holy land is made in accordance with the appoitment of High Priests to the position of Head (Highest Priest) of the Sect. This history refers to three thousand and six hundred years (3600 yrs.) after the death of Aaron. The names of these Highest Priests are written on parchment, one after the other, together with the period during which every one of them ruled.

Its Habits: Women do not mix with men, and they respect the veil habit. They do not eat of the meats of other religions but rather eat their own meats.

Its Beliefs: Samaritans do not believe in fate. They believe that God gave to men a strong will, and distinguished him with mind, intelligence, thinking, talking, and expressing his wishes and (page 5) desires. That God had bestowed upon man the heavely books, and sent him prophets and apostles to teach him and warn him and to guide him to truth and exemplary behavior. The human being is not tried before God except for what he makes aid acts. He is not compelled to do wrong, and is not inspired to do good. That he has a free and not controlled will influenced by outside powers. That God is just and straight forward and knows everything. That every humanbeing takes what he deserves on the day of resurrection of good and evil, and that God is compassionate and pardons our sins, in accordance with the verse.

Its Origin: The origin of the Samaritans is shown on some parchment paper. This states that they come town from Israeland that the family of the priests comes down from Phinhas, son of Eliazar, son of Aaron, son of Imram, son of Caht, son of Levi, son of Jacob, namely Israel. The Samaritans (page 6) keep their lineage descent by not mixing with other peoples from other nations. This led almost to their approaching the rim of becoming extinct.

Its Number: They were numbering hundreds of thousands, scattered in Nablus, Jenin, Tulkarm, and their sub-districts, and in Jaffa and Gaza. Also some of them were in Egypt, Transjordan, Mespotamia and Damascus (Syria). They were exposed to many shocks as a result of the Romans, and Ayyoubi Moslem conflicts. The greatest massacre inflicted on the Samaritans was by the King Pypers Az-Zaher, until their were rendered to less than ten. Then they started to increase in number, but slowly. It is mentioned that the High Priest in 1750 A.D. supplicated God that they reach seventy in number, which is the number they reached when Jacob went to Egypt to visit his son Joseph. Their growth progressed until in 1918 A.D. they became 165 persons. In this 39th Jubilee they (page 7) count 324 persons. There a now among the Samaritans thirty youngmen and thirty young women whore are in marriage age, but due to bad economic state among them they delay their marriage from time to time.

Its Language: All the Samaritans speak the Arabic language, but in their prayers and religious ceremonies they use the old Hebrew language only, and the Jewish people acknowledges that it is the old Hebrew writing that the sect uses. Here under are to examples of the old and new Hebrew writing:
Old Hebrew writing: [1]
New Hebrew writing: [2]

Its Books: Their books are diversified, and some are written in old Hebrew some are written in Syriac language but in old Hebrew letters and copied by hand, and some are written in Arabic language.

The Five Books (the Bible) of Moses taken from the Old Testament which is in the Church.
Same in both Hebrew and Arabic languages made by the Hebrew vocabulars.
Same in Hebrew, Arabic and Tarjum.
Book in Tarjum.
Book of the differences between the Jews and the Samaritans.
Book of prayers for Saturdays and the other days of the week.
Book of prayers for use in funerals.
Book of prayers used for marriages, birth of children, Circumcision, and similar ceremonies.
Book called “ASATEER”, meaning stories of the prophet Moses, with Arabic translation.
Book that shows the First of Lunar (page 9) months, and the days of Feasts.
Series of priests (Karen) from their foundation Levy and Adam.
The book of Jehoshua.
Same book in Hebrew.
Book called “MEENER”, in Hebrew. Arabic and Tarjum.
Remembrance of the birth of Moses with lieds. In Hebrew, and a copy in Arabic.
Prayers for the feast of Passover, Saturday and the Seven days.
Prayers fro the last day of Passover.
Prayers for the fiftieth Day (seven Weeks or Seven Saturdays).
Prayers used for the end of the 50the.
Prayers for Wednesday of which Moses spoke with God and received the Bible. (page 10)
Prayers for the First day of the New Year (Jewish), and the First of the Seventh month.
Prayers for the Nine days that commence the Fast.
Hymns specially used during the Fast.
The Day of the harvest, the first day of the “Muzilla” Feast.
Prayers for the seven days including Saturday.
Prayers for the seventh day after the Feast.
Explanation of the 1st Book (2 volumes) and Aramik.
Explanation of the 2nd book (2 volumes) and Aramik.
Explanation of the Killed Sheep, Marriage and when it is permitted for a person to marry of his relations.
Explanation of the signs told by (page 11) the Prophet Moses.
Explanation of the 10 Words, which were given by God on the two Stone Tablets and Aramik.
Book called “KAFI” (sufficient) for every recover question and Aramik.
Book called “KITCHENER”.
Book called “THE WAY OF THE HEART FOR KNOWING GOD” and Aramik.
Book that contains 100 points that confirm the coming of Jesus at the end of the World, with explanations and Aramik.
Story of the Samaritan Short called “ABUL FATEH”.
Long story in Arabic.
Book of 10 parts which explains the habits of the Samaritans in their prayers, their belief, the cause of their quarrels (page 12) with the Jews, and the time of their seperation, to-gether with reasons for if.
Same Book in Hebrew.
Explanation of difficult words in the Bible that are not easy to understand.
Book of Ordinance (Way of reading).
Book that gives answers to Jews who say that Feasts are forbidden on Special days.
Book called “QUSETIONS & ANSWERS’ for children.
Book of the Samaritan Religion.
Book of “BLAM” and Aramik.
Book for dividing property among children and other relatives.
Book that forbids the consumption (page 13) of cheese made by “ABOMASO” (fourth stomach of animals).
Dictionary from Hebrew to Arabic.
A hand painting of the Tabernacle.

All the above Books are handwritten.
C = Complete letters
H = Half letters
A = Arabic.
Those who want to buy any books may ask


(page 14) Its Feasts: The Samaritans do not work on Saturday, and dedicate they day and prefer it to all other days and feasts. The formal feasts mentioned in the Bible are the Easter.

Its Months: The Samaritans use the lunar months, and they start with these months in accordance with calendars found in their possession and copied by them, called Jeez Calendars, and these calendars were made in accordance with judgement of the High Priest at those old times. Their months are connected with the months of the sun. Thus in every eight years there are three leap years and five ordinary years. The leap years are 12 months each while the ordinary years are 12 months each. The Jeez calendars on which the Samaritan depenox, are of the highest art of arithmetic and it is connected with sunset, and it has a balance which is controlled by four words in the holy Bible.

(page 15) Its Food: The Samaritans eat all kinds of fruit and vegetables, and the animals and birds which they are allowed to eat in accordance with the instructions of the bible like sheep, goats, cows, gazel and like creatures which have no paws and claws, and which eat herbs. The prohibit all animals of pray, as they prohibit the meats of the camel and the rabbit and the pig. There are special legislations regarding things which they are allowed to it taken from the holy bible.

Its Marriage: It is prohibited to marry relatives who are six, namely the father, the mother, the son, the daughter, the brother, the sister. From these six comes out twenty kinds of relatives whom a person cannot marry, and twenty other branches who are like above relatives in some respects and a person is also not allowed to marry. A person is not allowed to ask the hand of a girl unless he gets permission from the Head of the Law. After he gets (page 16) permission he negotiates with her guardian, and the religious head (Karen) legalizes the marriage and writes a bond in which he shows the value of dewery paid in advance and the dewery to be paid later, and the names of witnesses to her words and power of attorney to her guardian, and the amounts he asks from her and she asks from him, and copy of this bond is kept with her guardian.

Nablus: its original name and caring of Samaritans to live in it:
Nablus is named by the Samaritans Shakeem. This name means in Arabic shoulder, i.e. the shoulder of the holy mount Gerzeem. The Samaritans well in Nablus because it is near to this holy mount, because it is Ka’ba of the Samaritans do not believe in Jerusalem (Orshaleem) and do not care for it.
Present Head of Religious Council (Kahanout) and Present Head of Samaritans Kahen Naji Khadir.(page 17)


(page 18) CALL

From: Coucil of three Tribes of the Samaritan Sect in the Holy Land.

To: All people of the world who appreciate benevolence, good-doing, and protection of
noble ideals

Dear Sirs,
We are talking to you from a hear which is full of gratitude and enchantment to all those who listen to this our Call, and among whom it meets a hearing ear, a seeing eye and a sensitive self which bears noble thoughts and praised at tributes.
The Samaritan Sect at Nablus, hashemite kingdom of the Jordan, is a residue of three Israelite branches (Sibts). The members of this Samaritan Religious sect have been exposed to severe time trials, and have stood in the face of this time (page 19) with all its wars and terrors, and all its events and acts for which one shivers, and his head’s hair stand. They were finally able to gather themselves in their Holy Town, Nablus, some three centuries ago. They were able to bring together their three branches, namely that of Lawi (Levi) who is the ancestor of the Priests family, and those of Ephraim and Menessah, from whom he rest of the members of the Samaritan Sect descend. These are the remaining relics and the wondering Ghosts who are still alive until the present day, inspite of their being an unconsiderable minority. Their being still alive is the present-day miracle, for any one, for any one who concentrates his thinking on this Sect, will be lead by his thoughts, and will be enquired by his conscience as to the secret of having this helpless sect remain in existence, striking to its religious beliefs, and fulfills its religious duties perfectly, inspite of the small number of its members and the scarce means of their living. The (page 20) answer will make its appearance in that God, with his whole Might, has preserved this sect for a number of reasons, the most important of which is that this sect is the essential proof for the existence of the rest of the Holy Books. As an example the Holy Gospel makes mention to the Good Samaritan, (St. Hohn’s Gospel Chapter……,No……) Also it makes mention to the Samaritan woman who gave drink, while he was thirsty, (St. John’s Gospel, Chapter 4, No. 10. If we suppose that this Sect becomes extinct from this world, from where shall proofs be found for certain statements mentioned in the Gospel (and the Koran as well), and which can only be practically proved by the existence of this Sect.
O! Wisemen of the world. This our Sect is about to become extinct, because it has no source of living what soever, no possibilities for gain or employment, no (page 21) material sources to give education for its youngmen, who have a start in secondary schooling. If these youngmen were given higher education, they will be extremely beneficial in that they will themselves educate the children of this poor sect, and who count about seventy in number, and who pass most of their times in streets with no eye to look after them, and no hand to help them except those of poverty and hunger which are shadowing over their heads. This state of starvation is, as we said, due to many reasons, of which we beg to mention the following:-
As we said there are no financial reasons even of supporting these little children and their mothers.
Bodily weakness because of bad health among members of sect due to lack of diet, clothing and medecines.
Degradation of thinking with regard to means of preserving, this sect, and the (page 22) directing of this thing towards the obtainment of living necessities for the children. As the father is poor, so the sons and the granddsons to many generations will continue to run after the loaf of bread, but alas they cannot find.
What makes things still worse is that this sect with its 320 individuals comprises 30 youngmen and a similar number of youngwomen who are all in the forties, but who are unable to marry one another, although they are in urgent need for marriage, because of lack of marriage pre-requisites of means of subsistence (food and longing). This point alone will be a dangerous waring and an active factor in itself for the extincting of the sect, and the wiping of its reminents, its historical value, and its unargued proofs for the existence of the other Holy Books, and their validity.

We direct our Call to all people of benevolence, charity, humanism, and (page 23) sympathetic feelings, and we cordially request the leaders of this world, and all those interested in the poor and helpless creatures, by the name of God, the Most High, to take away the ghosts of destruction and femine from among the members of this sect, and to kindly keep alive the descendents of the good Samaritan who was mentioned on several occasions in the Holy Books.
Our Sect is in urgent need for the help of the good-doors, who will be immortalized by subsequent generations of its members…..Our children will supplicate God to preserve and take care of those good-doors who will make them satisfied after their hunger, and who will make them feel peaceful and hopeful after their being horrified by starvation and hopeless.
The Council of the three Tribes of Israel (The Samaritans) humbly beg all good-doors to offer any help for them, (page 24) and they prepared to accept any charity whatever small it might be, so that they might supply members of the Samaritan Sect, who are mostly women and children, with their living necessities.
God alone knows our grievance and intentions, and will reward you for your good-doing.

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