The Festival of Passover

The Samaritans celebrate only the seven festivals laid down in the Torah:
  1. Passover
  2. The Feast Unleavened Bread
  3.  Pentecost
  4. The feast of the Seventh Month
  5. The day of  Atonement
  6. The feast of Tabernacles
  7. The festival of Shmini Atzeret (the Eighth day of  Holy Convocation). 
The first month of the year,  is the “Spring Month”- Nissan, and the first festival is Passover.
Some days before the middle of  Nissan, the whole community proceed to the place of the sacrifice on Mount Gerizim the chosen place, allowing for preparations begin days before.

The Passover Sacrifice:

Preparing the Oven by filling it with Olive tree stems.

Preparing the Oven by filling it with Olive tree stems.

The Priests are leading  the Ceremony

Here alone in the world is the historic rite of  the Passover of  Israel maintained.
This the only sacrifice done today. 

All are dressed in white to their girdles. At noon the kilns are ignited.The priests oversee the ceremony .


At sundown everyone gathers around the altars. The sheep are watched over by the children. The High Priest begins the prayer with5105388902_35954b790f_z all the crowd
joining in. The singing of a mercy liturgy fills the air.

Finally ,with the sundown the High Priest standing on the high stone delivers the sentenThe Burning Ovensce, “And all Israel crowd will slaughter it”.

The Slaughtering moment. The blood must be squirt on the walls of  the altar.

The sheep’s skins are taken off, stomachs an kidneys are burned on the altar. The sheep are spited and placed in the kilns pits.

After every one finished, to clean thier ships from the skins and other forbidden parts,they gather around the ovens, and put the sheeps inside , for about three  hours. The ovens are covered by muddy sand.

At midnight ,everyone gathers around the altars again, the High Priest gives the order and  the skewers are uncovered. 

Every family collects the share of the Passover Sacrifice in a big Removing the ship Skins.pail. The meat is eaten quickly, mails and females, boys and girls. Finally before mourning the remainder of the meat is gathered together and burnt on the altar accompanied with singing and dancing.  At 3:00 AM all the mails of the community gather again, for a prayer at the synagogue. Waiting  around the ovens to the command of the high priests to insert it in.

The Song of “Ambbarak Hu Bitted ad Yaacob” (Blessed will be the lineane of our forefather Jacob) , sung by the Israelite Samaritans, right after taking the ships out of the ovens.

Covering the Ovens with muddy sand